About me:

I am TemayDark and i live in Lithuania, never thought i will start blogging but when this idea came i was as exited as i am now while writing this. My birthday is on August 24th and i am 15 years old.

How I Decided To Start? :

I was sitting in my room writing in my “diary”  it isn’t real diary. I just never thought about how to name it :D. In my words :

This won’t be a diary. I don’t want to write about every boring day of my life… But it will be something that reminds diary. With dates, emotions, activities and my thoughts – poems that i write from time to time. Let’s call it “Life Notes”. Notes of my life, Of life that everyone lives

That sounds quite depressed i mean ” every boring day of my life” My life isn’t that boring just at that time i was thinking that no one would like to know about my days and my thoughts. I started to write, write, write. And my “Life Notes’ became like a blog where i put my thoughts about life, words, products and even clothes. Thats when i decided to start a blog. To start something that i never thought i will!

What Will I Share? :

I will share life, thoughts, emotions and will try to show life in my eyes. It’s not hard to say that everyone sees life in different way, in different colors. So i will try to reveal every emotion that colored my days in various colors.

– Temay Dark




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