We see pictures everyday, on newspapers, magazines, social media, books. We take pictures with telephones, cameras, computers. Pictures can show us how beautiful life is in every step, it brings back memories, shows the beauty of flower, rainbow, nature, smile. It’s only photography that makes us see perfect things, it’s Photography wich makes us feel magical things… – TemayDark

Think of what we see everyday? You will probably think of nature, home, furniture etc. But did you ever thought about Photography? We see it everyday, no matter where we are, never mind is it Monday or Saturday. Photography is everywhere. From time to time i catch myself thinking what would we do without it. Photography helps us to look at small little things and see it in another way. But most of all we need photography to remember – to remember what was in the past, so we could change the future, to bring back old memories that were gone for a long time, to bring back feelings that abandoned our hearts.

Yes, Photography is a miracle. It takes a couple of seconds to take a picture, but it is not just a thing, it is a look to our past and a part of our future.


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