Feelings and Fears.

I am afraid of lots of things, I am afraid to be alone, But being lonely isn’t hard, it’s hard to die being alone. And even loneliness can kill, No, not your body, but your soul… -TemayDark

Even the strongest ones can fall, even the bravest ones are afraid of something, but it’s the fact that our fears are in our head. Our brain controls our minds and that’s the way it is all the time. We are not afraid of something, we just make ourselves think that we are, but there are some feelings that can make you feel insecure about yourself, the others. These feelings control us.  These are the ones you can’t escape.

Every single day since we are born, we feel : Love, profound remorse, anger, happiness and even more. Emotions flow to the heart and either makes it feel better, either makes it burn and hurt.  For example loneliness makes us feel insecure, loneliness makes us feel like we shouldn’t be here, in this world. Loneliness can’t kill our body, but it makes it weaker, both: body and heart becomes more vulnerable, and sometimes this feeling even kills our soul.

Feelings and Fearsthese two are similar. Fears makes us doubt about our decisions, so do feelings. Fears kills the opportunity to become something more than just a black piece of a puzzle called world, so does feelings. We never see what stops us from moving forward. Well now you see…

-TemayDarklarge (2)


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