Simple Little Things…

In Lithuania we have a park named, “Bernardinų sodas”. Every single
time when i am in it i feel nearness of nature. And it makes me think of beauty that we all see. Beauty of nature and everything that surrounds us.

When we walk to the school, job, sit in the bus, cab, car look around you. What do you see? Nature, streets, maybe stars? Think of how small you are, what a small dust in this universe. And again, think about what you see? People that hurry. Are they happy? Now take a look to the sky, to this big black/blue sky. And stop for a second. Just to see, what a perfect chance you have, a chance to live in this place called earth.

We hurry, run, walk and never stop just to see what surrounds us. We want to have so much more, but we never look what we already have. Just take a moment for yourself. STOP! And realize, you have everything you need to be happy.

We have ability to see beauty that is near us. Every tree, lake, road or flashlight can be beautiful and amazing. Every part of our life is pretty – Life is pretty!. It is something that was given and it is a miracle that we have ability, ability to live… – TemayDark



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