Do you know that place, where you can find your happiness? Where you can have better future, better life. It’s in our heads, it’s something we can control, it’s our dreams. Dreams are our escape from daily routine, from people that we don’t want to see, from things we have to do.

I used to daydream a lot, i used to fly away from problems of life and feel free like a bird in the sky crossing the clouds, like huge whales in the ocean cross the water. I felt free and unstoppable, but the best part of it all was that i had ability to do what ever i want. Do things that i never did, see places that i will never see.

And one day it stopped. My dreams got lost in small pieces of daily routine and rushing, but i still have dreams in my sleep. Usually i can’t remember them, but i know they are there. Inside of me, they are with the most secret wishes deep in my heart. And if you are lost in day routine and life, and you find no time to dream.

Look into your heart, what do you see?

TemayDarksuperthumb (1)


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