Christmas time ^^

It’s December 13th and we all are waiting for Christmas time to come. What is christmas to most of us? At least for me it’s the smell of oranges spreading in the air, christmas tree standing in the room with bunch of toys with it and last but not least loving family around you singing christmas songs and dancing around with smiles in their faces.

How do we feel Christmas spirit?

Somehow in Christmas time most of us feels happy and cosily, it’s because of christmas spirit. When we go to school or job we see snow most of the time, but on christmas the snow is whiter and brings more joy to everyone, most of the time we see our friends and family but on christmas you feel bigger attachment to them. No matter what you see everyday in Christmas it is magical, in christmas it is better, in Christmas… Because it’s christmas Spirit.

What does Christmas mean?

For me Christmas means being with people you love, for kids it means toys and huge Christmas tree sparkling with lights in the middle of the room, for some of us it’s time to see our problems, to make them look smaller and to defeat them. Since we are all different even the meaning of Christmas is different too. But it still brings only good to our lives.

Religious meaning ?

For those who are really into religion it’s the birth of a child. Small child that changed everything. I am not one of those people who goes to church every Sunday, but i agree with the fact that in christmas we are closer each other with our hearts. That’s why Christmas is a celebration of family.



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