One of the most wanted things for christmas are gifts. And there is one question that we all have when Christmas is near: What can we gift to people who are important for us?

How to Find the right gift?

Do a list of things that your friend/family member/ pet likes. I am sure if you know a lot about that person you’ll be able to find lots of things that they love or like. After finding what they likes start to question yourself. What would you like to get for Christmas if that was your beloved hobby or etc. Find several pages where you can find gifts and then pick some of them!

Presents, why does it matter?

Finding gift isn’t just a thing it is showing that you know about that person, that you actually know what they are interested in and what they love. It’s a part of christmas and showing love.

presents – most important thing in Christmas time?.

Disagree, disagree, disagree! Christmas isn’t all about presents it is more than just picking a gift. If only presents were important in Christmas time would we feel so much joy in it? Would we feel more warm feelings at its time? No! So never, ever think that Gifts – the most important thing in Christmas.

Real present Don’t forget it 🙂 .

Think of what you did trough this year? Have you gave a hand and helped someone to get up? Have you been there for anyone? That’s what matters, that’s what you should-be done thought this year. And for Christmas the best gift is not Toys, jewelery or Things that you can buy. It’s giving hand to person you love and saying “Thank you!” Saying : “thank you for being there for me, for giving hand just like i hold yours now, Thank you for being there when i fell down, thank you for helping me to stand up again. Thank you for being here”. That’s the real gift, it fills your soul and heart. Not only brings a smile for couple of minutes, it keeps in your head forever, it stays in your heart forever.

I hope, you will all have pretty and unforgettable Christmas! Don’t forget to gift your heart to someone and hug people who are most important for you. Let’s celebrate with smile and fill hearts with happiness, and warm feelings.

Merry Christmas! :)♥

– TemayDark


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