Suicidal thoughts.

It’s like I have no face,
No personality,
I have nothing,
Just me, myself and I,
On rooftop,
with the tear in my face,
And with the ocean in my heart… – TemayDark

I wasn’t uploading yesterday and I am sorry for my followers because of that, what I am sorry more is that I have these topics on my blog near christmas. Christmas is a time for miracles, but what do we call miracle?. I want to call you all to think for a second, minute, hour, day. To think about pain. Let it flow trough your vanes. Now imagine you can’t feel any more, you can feel only pain…. Let it cover your heart. Now stop.

Imagine someone else in that pain. Someone that is special for you. Do you feel it deeper, or do you feel it less?. This pain that you just felt is feeling that leads people to suicide.

It’s christmas and I want this time to be happy for you all, but what if some of us are so deep in ourselves and can’t run or hide? What if even on christmas time they can’t ?

Let’s celebrate christmas happily but let’s think about people who already commited suicide. Let’s thing and let’s change the world, because christmas is time of miracles and it’s time for us to think not only about people who are near us , but about people that we may not know that well too.

Let’s celebrate thoughtfully and if you are one of those people who can’t run. Find a way to be happy on Christmas, find a way to be happy the rest of the life. – TemayDark

Suicide doesn’t kill the opportunity for life to get worse, Suicide destroys the opportunity for it to ever get better…


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