Happy Winter time!

I wish you all to be happy in this beautiful time of winter! Lately I’ve been posting on sad and thoughtful topics and now i just want you all to remember what is happiness and that it’s hidden in small things of life. I wrote something that was a lot like this one, but now i want you all to just remember and read this to feel joy about what you have!

Happiness is hidden in all small things. Sms texts, small meetings, seeing others smile or just being with someone you need. Happiness is in the water drop after rain, in the grass and every single flower. It is something you can try to take. But it will never be taken. Happy person is the one that can smile to every single problem. And find solution with even bigger smile in face. Everyone can be happy. We just need to look at small beautiful things around us and sometimes run from routine that follows us in every step. Every pretty thing is hidden in small pieces of our lives. And it can only be found with positivity and friendship. Look around you and try to see the rainbow. Because even Rainbow to appear needs a little rain…

Happy winter for you all! – TemayDark♥ (won’t post tomorrow )


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