There are memories that we should let go, but we can’t. Like people say time heals, I say pain will never stop. It will hurt as hell even when the time will pass by. It can only heel with love, patience and learning – learning how to let go. Because the pain will disappear after you reach the end of your days and minutes, and seconds. It’s not most important how time passed by, it’s more important how you managed to let go.

It’s strange how time – destroys everything and pleasant memories in the blink of an eye turns indescribably painful. Memories are different. Some are pleasant, others are simply meaningless, and others endlessly hurtful. But even pleasant memories can become painful and the one that was hurtful become ordinary. There is another kind – precious memories, but even these may disappear over time. With the time memories turn into ashes which you can’t put back. Then you are crashing and ruining all the bridges connecting you with them. Delete photos, throw away gifts, broke the little things that meant more than all the world back in the days. Then you realize that the bridge destroyed, it’s over, and there is no way back.

– TemayDark


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