Escape, Connect, Communicate.

What is the best way to escape reality? When we can’t dream, sleep what else we have? It leads us everywhere, it can be different types of it, but it still does the same. It helps to escape, connect and communicate. Don’t you understand yet? It’s Music.

Even now while I write this the music is playing in my room, and it helps not to only escape, it helps my emotions to flow into the piece of paper, into the computer. There are all kind of music, you can decide which one you like the most, you can decide what music makes you feel free or tells most about you.

Ask your friends, family members, strangers what music they like. You will find interesting answer I can swear. Bussines man can listen to metal core, or goth can listen to pop songs.

Music is not only the way to escape,  it’s the way to communicate, to understand each other better. Music may say more about person than his looks or talking manner. It leads us in every step isn’t that right? We have earphones everywhere and the worst fear is to lose them, because it would feel like you lost part of you.

Music is part of all of us, music is part of me and you. – TemayDark


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