Sometimes you realize that people wont change for you. They will never try to be better . People care only about them selves and about no one else. And when you start to care what other person does to it self, it hurts to realize the truth. Truth of the world and life. Every single second you try to help someone, you lose part of yourself. We will never know what others think, is every word that they say are true. Are the words from heart? but you think they are. Since every time you said something, it was true and pure words spelt from heart. Maybe that’s why it hurts. You get that feeling so so often that you stop believing, at least i think you can’t trust others . You lost the trust to any one. Words mean nothing and your soul is broken. Than you realize the only escape of being hurt is death. Because only death can break the golden heart that used to shine bright as sun…

But you should know, every heart can start to shine again…  TemayDark


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