Just imagine…

Just imagine a life where everyone is equal. Think of how people are happy everywhere and all the time. Imagine sun shining brighter than ever before, grass greener than you ever thought it can be, and flowers beautiful, colorful, and unique. Walk trought the roads of an old town, parks pay the most attention to the people.

Now remember when you were abused for being you, for being unique. See the faces of people with bigger rank in this worlds sistem, and go trouth every single word they ever told you. Did you said something back?

When you come back to this world let me know. Can you see the difference between these parts of your life and between imagination. Don’t you want to live that life. Life that now you can only imagine?. What we all need is just a bit of carring for each other.

No matter we know each other or no, are we black or white, how we talk, how we look. It doesn’t matter. What matters is who we are in the small corner of your heart who you are? – TemayDark


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