What Is Perfection?

Perfection is a concept that every person  understands differently. For someone perfection may be beauty, having money, personality. Perfection is seen in many colors, but for some of us it is so hard to reach it? Is it impossible. I’d say be perfect to everyone is impossible but to see yourself in your perfection, that’s what’s possible.

Perfection in my eyes

Let’s never lie to each other that looks doesn’t matter since literally we all want to be pretty and first thing that we see about person is Beauty. First thing that makes impression is our looks, second is our inside. What we have to say, how we say it and how we are able to communicate. For me person that is communicable will stand forward anybody. I am enjoying with talking to people who are smart and that can teach you something new, something you never thought you can do. For me “Perfection” is communication, ability to communicate and to reach each others mind just by words or even by the blink of an eye.


Perfection – word that we can’t understand precisely. It’s just comprehensive understanding of your pluses and minuses, and being happy.

When person understands, than he reaches culmination of life, culmination of its presence, and not only him but everything that is besides him becomes phenomenons of perfection.

There are perfectionists too, they will never stop searching for perfection, better life, better future. We need these people to move on, move toward, but we shouldn’t forget that stopping and remembering, seeing again, looking around you may show you, that you already have that perfection. Why should you let it go by looking for something else?…



One thought on “What Is Perfection?

  1. Temaydark, you are perfect for me and that’s words aren’t the meaningless. Really you are perfect for me, that girl what I know, who are like lodesta for mer, who are motivation for me, and one of most important person in this world and I want to sey, Thank you, Aiste 🙂 ps. Your blogs, words are so beautiful, so meaningful, and nice photo chosen too 😀


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