In one day we say thousands of words, have you ever thought that half of them are meaningless? We talk everyday, but do we talk about real things that matter? Our days are filled with bunch of words that our mouth can’t keep, but we mostly talk about the same stuff everyday, about non-stop problems, about things that we should do, but that never will be done, and about thoughts that will never be written on a piece of white, white paper.  We talk meaningless things, we say meaningless words, and even when we talk about something, we never think what every word hides. What hides the intonation of voice, face of a person that talks, things that he shows with his hands, words that are floating to our mind fast as a beam of sun going to the earth. It’s easy to talk isn’t it? But what if we’ll try to focus on every single detail of conversations that we take? Maybe we will see more? We will find things that may surprise you. In all those words that humans can say, find a meaning! It will be harder, but you will see, how much it gives to you. It gives more than it ever did…



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