A wish.

Once in a small village there was a girl, lonely girl who was different, she never had toys to play with other girls and she never smiled since her face was always covered with tears. Why was she crying no one knew, but no one really cared. She was lonely because of tears that couldn’t stop running down her face. She was weird, said people at school. But was she really weird? No. She was unique, she understood pain of flower that was dyeing, pain of broken hearts, freedom that is all in blood… Day by day after school she was going to the woods to cry. And every tear that rushed down her face and slowly touched the ground made forest feel pleased relief. One day after school when sky was bright and wind was fluttering her hair, she was happy, she smiled, she felt happiness, like every other day she went to the forest. Butterflies accompanied her all the way to the scarp and flew away. Than the girl whispered “I want to fly, so high to the sky, to see the ones that left me here, to see the happiness i felt today” and she jumped in to the nowhere, into her happiness… – TemayDark


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