Move on.

It’s hard to move on after we make mistakes, make someone else suffer, and make yourself torn apart. It’s hard to move on after you just got stabbed with a knife to your heart, step by step blood floats trough wounds, and cuts. View starts to get darker and darker until it is completely blurred. You still move on, but why? what is your destination? Do you have destination any more? Questions come to your head and your mind hides what your eyes can’t see, pain, suffer, wounds, mistakes. Everything combines and becomes one big killing machine that torn you apart. But you have to move on. There is no such mistake that can never be fixed, no such challenge that you can’t accomplished, no destination that you can’t reach. Thats the beauty of life. Without mistakes we couldn’t know what success is as without pain we couldn’t know what happiness is. We fall, we make steps, we continue to live, to feel, to be born again, not in age or height, not with bodies but our souls can be born again, and again, thousands of times, you just need to believe, and never lose hope. That’s challenge that life throws to you thinking that you, you and only you are so strong to handle it.

We do mistakes,
we make wrong moves,
But that’s the beauty of life,
We can fix them,
we can learn,
We can move on… -TemayDark

So Believe, and never lose hope! -TemayDark


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