We ask so much, and yes there is always an answer. If a human can think of a questions that means, answer is here too. All the time, every second of our days we ask bunch of questions that has meaning, or has no meaning at all. Person that asks usually wants to get the answer to his question, but the thing is, that we all have to find our answers by our self. We can ask for help, for advice, tips, but we have to find answer by our self. You may ask why? If the answer is yours you can’t blame someone else, but yourself for bad one, also every human being is unique and special by its possibilities and minds, so the answers can be as different as moon and sun. They can look the same, thought the reality shows that they are different.

Otherwise sometimes we ask too much. Meaningless questions make world a poor place, since while we ask questions that are without meaning, minutes and seconds go so you lose opportunity to give a meaning to the time, to ask or do more important things.

Questions are important to understand things, to make life easier, to believe again, to share, to explore. It is the expression of idea with “?”. Ofcourse if we ask we need an answer, but remember you have answers to all your problems. It is only you who lower the opportunity for them to be found. Our mind is a powerfully gun that can shoot a lot of people, that can decide by which path you will go in your life journey. And questions about life, abilities, excitation helps to realise it, realise what we want, what is our destination. Even thought meaningless questions lowers your time, don’t be afraid to ask one. Because these meaningless questions leads to that main question, maybe leads to a question that will change your life or your destiny? Ask yourself about life, death, love what is it for you? That’s how you will grow, find out more about the real YOU in every single way.

Use the opportunity, and ask find answers, be happy. Although what happiness means to you? -TemayDark


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