In the streets.

Walking by the street and watching faces of others is one of the most recent activities in my life at the moment. Just walk and watch how people lough, cry, smile. Looking at their faces you understand how different we all are,  how we change not in years but in seconds, not in days, but in hours. It’s perfect to see old people smile to each other and talk for hours while sitting in the park, bus, street. You feel their happiness, their happiness becomes your happiness, you don’t know them, but they makes you feel joy, their joy. What about children? When they walk by screaming and shouting, remember when you were so small that you had to rise your head up to see your parents faces, to see grandmother or grandfather. When you were that small you needed no computers, no tv, and no chocolate to make you happy, to bring joy to your little heart. The biggest joy then was love that you got from surroundings, happiness that you got from chasing the pigeons, sitting on the swings, playing on the playground.

Also There are sad people . You feel their sadness, you try to see why there is no smile in their face. Some of them lost something, person or just feeling that was so pure and more precious than gold or diamonds. They may never find something like they had, maybe they lost everything they had. You take their sadness, pain, but you realise that lose of something or someone is also a part of this reality, of reality in this dark shade. It is necessary for us too. To understand what is the point of life, point of today and tomorrow, point of fighting everyday. It is to take pain and make it less painful, while this awful feeling becomes into happiness.

Walking in the streets is a usual activity to you, to me, to all of us. We walk, but we don’t see what is clearly in front of our noses. In the streets you see poverty, luxury. Feel joy, sadness. You see and feel the reality that covers you step by step. Are you able to see it, feel it? Look, and I am sure you will see, the reality in all kind of shades that you can. 

It is near us, in the streets. Are you ready to see it? -TemayDark


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