Who are we?

Who am i? 

It’s the question that we ask everyday. “Be yourself” they say to us all the time. But who am I? How can I be myself when I don’t know the answer to this question? How to find it?

Honestly, I was in this circle where you can’t find yourself and like a leaf you are turning how ever wind or in this case people wants. How to find this answer? Only you may know. In every persons life there is a moment where you meet the wall, the darkness of your excitation, but it’s your destiny to beat the wall, to beat the darkness and let it die in your eyes.

Who are we?

Like people ask them self their excitation question “who am I?”, the same does humanity, Who are we, and what role in this world we have? Maybe we are aliens that shouldn’t pollute the earth. Let’s face it, we do nothing good for this earth. You may say, No we do some things that are good, and precious to earth and this world, but considered of what we do bad, the good things becomes meaningless and unimportant. So who we are? Rats of the planet, or intruders that should leave soon?

Ask yourself, maybe you know the answer? -TemayDark


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