Eyes ” Reflection of your soul”

What is Mystery? What is the soul? What is hidden in corners of our hearts?

Me and You, we can hide our pain, with smile, tears, with lough, but one thing will always betrade us, it can’t be hidden, it’s right besides you. Eyes – reflection of your soul. Small details of eyes, dilated pupils, and small yarns in it. It shows your emotions, feelings, and if someone is able to read your eye language, you can never full them.

Imagine that your soul is naked, that’s exactly what person that is able to “read” your eyes sees. Your naked soul, with all the scars, knife cuts, blood spots… Literally everything. When you talk with him about your happiness, he doesn’t only listen, he sees that happiness in your eyes.

When your eyelids goes down, it’s hard for him to understand, than he can only listen to your words, but when they go back up he understands more, since seeing gives an ability to feel better, to realize better.

Open your eyes and look closely to the mirror, can you see more?

You have a gift to see soul, you thought it’s further from you? It’s right here, near you, leading, and showing the reality, reality of your inside. It’s never late to look, and when you’ll know how to understand yourself trough eyes, you are going to see more in others, you won’t just hear a story, you will live in the story.

And every story is more interesting with the spice of reality in it, with spice of truth, with spice of life experience. Because that’s what we share with each other, with no lies, without any hidden things. This is how we share, how we see the best things, how we feel more.

So are you ready to see world in real shades now? Could you make it?… – TemayDark

Credits :

For this awesome picture Big thanks to really talented Edvinas Jakunskas who inspired me for this blog, Look at more his inspiring pictures at his Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/stupefy.photography


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