What is marriage?

We consider marriage as oath to god, that we will always be together with the one you love, oath that you will care and never let go, be there for each other forever and never betrade. They say marriage is needed for two souls to become one.

But i don’t think so. I think marriage is just an act to show that you are ready to swear for eternity. Your souls become one already when you meet each other, when you see first time the real person that comes right from depths of soul, when you first say slight words “I LOVE YOU”, when you first kiss, when you first touch.

Church or marriage palace?

In church you give the oath to god and each other, in marriage palace you give  the “oath” to state, in your country you are no longer one, you are two in one. I think both church and marriage palace has standards and, in both ways you get responsibilities for God, state and more important for each other. although I don’t really like church conditions to get married I say, why not both?

Nature and marriage

Nature and marriage seems like two conceptions that are completely different, but I would say that they are both related to each other. Marriage comes from nature, since it is natural that we feel love, we feel safety when we are near someone, we feel happy. It is all because nature gave us an ability to feel and love – love and feel. Marriage comes from love,love comes from nature, you commit to take care, and love forever, until you will become a dust in this planet. ( although I believe that even after that our energy is like one, that death can’t separate this infinity). And when those dusts will be on one land, they will meet and become one ground, they will still be together.

Lets think before marriage, it’s a big step UP in life, big step to a common life. And if you make this step be prepared to make someone first person, to raise their needs above your needs, and to take care, never let go, since marriage is something beautiful, something that comes from nature, something that shouldn’t be dipped in dirt… -TemayDark

Picture from, a person that has beautiful and breath-taking pictures, with people and weddings mostly. For more visit his pages: and/or,    Thank you, Donatai 🙂


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