Nightmare better than living

I see the girl in the dark. She has black hair that covers half of her face. Only white skin and long eyelashes can be seen, but the eyes are covered – covered with dark, dark tears. How does she got here? It’s my place where I can be free, my place where I hide, the only illusion of better life. Now, it’s just a forest-covered with darkness and a girl in the middle of it crying. I feel her pain, I feel how she suffers, words that I start to hear are painful as knife cuts in the skin. When it disappears… All the pain, all the words, every single thought that was in my head vanished, words started to make no sense. I felt freezing hands of wind, than I fell down to the infinity, to the darkness that hugged me with its scary cold hands. Yes, I knew I am still in my place, in my dreams that are the only escape from reality, people, words. Now dreams changed, and now I understand why, I understand that girl was me, that pain was mine.

I feel pain again and I wake up. With scissors in my hand and blood flowing from my vanes. Pain ends, and with huge fear I wake up again. It was a double dream, but you know what? This dream wasn’t the worst nightmare. Nightmare is here! And with days passing by every breath you take is harder, it’s hard to breath in this place called nightmare, in place called world.

Words may hurt and push other to suicide, think before hurting someone since word isn’t a bird, once you let it go, it can’t be taken back. -TemayDark

For this picture massive thanks to Raminta Vainutytė, her photography is really strong, and pictures has unique storys for more of her works visit Facebook page :

My Facebook page to follow uploads, and to know about me :


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