Mermaid School , something new

All girls were little once, and all of them wanted to become mermaid princesses as in Walt Disney Pictures animated musical fantasy film “The Little Mermaid” that was released in 1989. Where mermaid wanted to become human, and be with beloved prince, while little girls had a wish to take her place at bottom of the ocean to live with talking fishes and ocean animals. We had a dream to become little Ariels and now girls can make their dream come true!

Swimming is skill that we all need, and one day this skill may save us from death, so it’s important to know how to act in the water, although usually it’s boring activity for little ones. Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, made it not only interesting activity, but also helped girls to make their dream come true, they helped girls to become little mermaids, to live in their dream, and even to choose their tail!

“Mermaiding” that’s how this unique activity is called. It started as a performances in Florida, that attracted lots of people. Womans with mermaid tail costumes accomplished shows in Weeki Wachee Springs. Of countless mermaid shows that once existed, only Weeki Wachee continues to operate in the same way it did when it was started.

Weeki Wachee Springs – is a natural tourist attraction, where underwater performances by “mermaids”, women wearing fish tails as well as other fanciful outfits, can be viewed in an aquarium-like setting in the spring of the Weeki Wachee River. A water park, Buccaneer Bay, and boat rides are also part of the attraction.

Classes are organised in natural bodies of water as : oceans, rivers and lakes, or in more controlled environments such as Hotel and resort swimming pools, your local or neighborhood club house, and even in the comfort and convenience of your home pool (for private classes).

“Artistic expression and a fun whimsical way to keep fit” – Says Mermaid Swimming Academy page. It is actually a perfect and fun way to get fit, since we all know swimming is a big sport, and swimming with tail should be even harder and difficult but also more interesting way to keep fit.

This Mermaid Swimming Academy is for all type of gender. Not only girls want to experience mermaids life, and not only they want to know how to swim with squamates tail.

Not only little ones can become mermaids, no matter how old are you, if you have a dream, it can always come true, Mermaid Swimming Academy suggest even adults to try swimming with a tail. It’s a great activity and experience to everyone. So if you still have a dream from childhood, dive straight to this new experience. For more information about this unusual swimming academy here!

Try to be a mermaid, for one day, and wear your invisible crown. – TemayDark


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