SNAP – photo conference for you

On March 15, I had a opporttunity to visit SNAP photo conference with my friend, that loves photography. I bet that every photographer in Lithuania have heard of “SNAP” conference where visitors were able to hear more about weddings, events and profile photography from Lithuanian known photo art experts. Here people had a chance to buy needed technologies to encrease their photo quality, because as all photo art experts knows a lot of things depends from photographer, but also a lot depends of camera and etc. Quite big sales were able for equipment from Canon, Olympus, ProShop, Vilbrafoto, Epson and etc. Professionals rated portfolios, and visitors did a lot of workshops, asked bunch of questions, got answers, and left happy with all the new experience and knowledge. Girls and Boys had ability to be photographed , and participicate in casting of “FaceBar” or take a selfie with skiing mans prototype, post it on facebook and maybe win a camera.

I saw a lot of things, and I can say that I know much more than I knew ever before about photography. Ofcourse there were some things that I would say annoyed me, such as bad sound of microphone or something like that, but I think that this event was organised pretty well. It was organised already for 7th time, in “LITEXPO”, and I hope they will continue doing this really interesting photofestival / photo conference! -ТemayDark

Some pictures, they are all not mine, since i was too busy writing, to take some, my tablet was shutting down so i wanted to write as more as i could!


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