“Secret of Life (Life notes)”…

Basically everyday something happens. Car accident, someone dies from disease, old age, from inside worm that cuts down everything, suicide, someone realises the truth of being happy, becomes better person, starts to live more than ever before, finds out what real humanity is. I was one of those, who knows what means to slowly wait for death, I was the one with couple of diseases in one. For many reasons I can’t write what they are, maybe someone will find these small handwritten “life notes” and read them. I don’t want you, small little person to know what is my sickness, I don’t want you to read and from the very start of this journey with me feel sorry for me, I don’t need compassion and it is just one reason of thousands why you should not know, my diseases…

Trying to start writing kind of small book. Story from all my posts you have seen and the ones that you will probably never see. I need your opinions, would be grateful for them!


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