How can we reduce air pollution levels in our cities?

Have you ever thought about air pollution? If not, you should think about it. Air pollution levels in our cities are really high, and we do absolutely nothing to reduce these numbers. Air pollution is our fault, because we do nothing or at least half of us does nothing to change it. Factory and using car as main transport rather than taking a bus caused us these problems and now we should do something to redeem our fault.

First of all, we could use bus as our main transport. Buses can take more people in one time and that is how we will lower carbon dioxide in our air. After we do that, there will be less acid rain and air pollution levels will become lower.

Another useful suggestion would be to put filters on factory chimneys, this would also help to reduce air pollution. If factory would use these filters on their chimneys our air would be much cleaner. This would be better not only for us, but for animals also, since they have to breath with air that our factory poisoned.

It would help if we used clean energy technologies, such as wind or solar energy instead of using fossil fuels. By doing that we would reduce toxic steal diffusion.

In conclusion there many ways for us to reduce air pollution, we just need to change some things and by doing that we will not only reduce air pollution, but also increase our life quality


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