Together – we’ll find the answers

Why is it so cold? So cold inside.

Why is it so dark? So dark in my eyes.

Why it has to hurt? Hurt so much.

Why you have to lose? Everything you touch. – Temaydark

Am I the only one keeping these questions inside? Probably not. And today when you all come to my blog, what are your expectations? What are you trying to find? You read one article, than another, after that, you think: What was I reading all this time? Let me explain to you what is hidden in these small a bit unprofessional articles that usually has no strict structure. In these articles is my-your-our reality. Thing we see or we don’t. Problems we meet or not. And in every small little phrase you see me, my inside, my heart. Pieces I try to get together, written words that sometimes gives no answer, because I don’t have an answer. iT’S MY DISCUSSION WITH MYSELF! I wanted to share my thoughts , emotions, feelings, since I believed they can help out in your life someday. And now, while trying to find what to write, Flow of emotions gets me and it writes by itself. I wanted this blog to be helpfull for you guys, but I guess I forgot that it is for me too. After not posting for a long time and trying to find what to write, I forgot the most important thing – to put pieces of my heart and soul to every word. Problems such as traffic and etc. Flashes through my mind all the time, since main reason why I started was, that I wanted to help to people, but how can I help when no one is here to listen? That’s why on today’s blog I am asking you all to read my blog carefully  even when I write about events or crazy stuff that surprises me, because there is a half of me even there. I came here to help and I wont drop this aim. I will share, show all of this to people to judge, and hope that they will find what they need here, in this small spot that I call my blogs. And maybe than – together, we will find answers to these difficult questions.

With love, Temaydark…


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