Vampires and Werewolves.

We are reading fantasy books, and I do believe the majority of people likes them, enjoys reading them. The truth is we all once in a while want to run and hide in a thousands of book pages, and see the kinds that will never touch you in the daylight. But is it really true?

When I was drowning in hundreds of fantasy books, I got a task in school, to introduce what you are reading, and one of the following questions you should’ve answer while talking about the book was “What is its main idea?”. What could I say? I never used to seek for idea in those magical book pages. I just wanted to flow in them without trying to find a meaning.

Yes, I was one of those people who loved “twilight” when it came out, I found that the story was interesting and at the same time completely simple. But the idea wasn’t so bright, I had a doubt that the book has main idea at all. Oh well I lied in class about the idea, but after a while I understood that I accidentally said the truth. Maybe it wasn’t about the story that ” twilight” or other fantasy book about Vampires and werewolves talked, but I think I found the meaning in those books. A meaning that connected all of them.

The longer you live, the more you understand about people. There are all kinds. They may not be Vampires or werewolves in the “twilight” meaning, but we can call them like that, don’t we?

“I see only Vampires and werewolves around me.” Wouldn’t it be weird to hear someone saying that?

But lets look closer to this small, but meaningful sentence. What do we call a vampire? A mythical creature or a person? The answer is – Both. One that is written in the books, and one that we may see everyday in daylight. A person that drains you, makes you feel a complete rubbish. He takes your soul in his dreadful way, and strangles it in his hands, uses it on his own wishes and leaves you behind. I believe that it’s logical to call him a Vampire, do you? So the first words of the sentence are already acceptable aren’t they?

werewolves may also be understood as mythical creatures, but can they be understood as people? For me while reading, werewolves always reminded strength, but they actually can’t control themselves, they may be dependent from moonlight or anger, floating emotions which they can’t stop. It may also reflect a human that is under control of his emotions. There are people who can’t control themselves, they start to be aggressive, or they can drown into depression, just because of the emotions that they can’t fight with. And that’s how they become real life werewolves, that are sometimes unseen.

” I see only benefit seekers and emotional people around me” – would be translation of this poorly known sentence – “I see only Vampires and werewolves around me”.

And that’s how the main Idea of those all books came to my mind, they are also a reflection of reality, of a real people. These mythical creatures came from our world to books that we are reading, and the main idea is “Vampires and werewolves are different, they may dislike each other, but one thing is true – they are all from our world”

So can’t they really touch you in a daylight? – TemayDark_


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