In the dark, when all the light in the streets turns off, we see massive group of siluets walking or standing – talking or just silently breathing. All of us are the same in the darkness, no one sees your clothes, makeup, social stand you are just a siluet.

One thing is different,
The thing that shows that we are human,
The one that makes us different,
It’s the energy that we spread.

Oddly enough, but we all have a different energy, a field that makes us unique. It is the one that connects when we meet our lover or a longly unseen friend, or just a person that means an oxygen for us. When you feel the warmth wich shines into you, it is the same energetic that you also shine from yourself. That’s why, because of this energy even in the darkness we are all unique, different. This what makes us perfectly created to connect…

We all would only be,
A massive group of siluets,
But it’s our feelings who makes us unique,
Who spreads and shines… ” temaydark


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