We all need warmness in our life. Even the strongest ones may slip, even the happyest ones may feel sadness, but only a small drop of warmness can cure all scars. Through this long journey we see lots of sides of life, but the truth is life is a beautiful place and all minuses can become pluses so fast… I invite you to gift your hearts to the ones that really needs it. Start this year with new promises to yourself and don’t let them to stay only words. When you see someone suffering – don’t say much. Words will always be words, they spread warmness, but the true happyness comes with feeling that someone cares about you and it’s hugs or other warm stuff that keeps this feeling in us – feeling that we are safe.

Don’t forget the ones that you love and also the ones that you may not know. Everyone needs warmness so be the warmth this year, be happy and make others happy.

For the end of this blog I’ll just post one of the examples of how you can give warmness not only for people. Video is made by Katie Arai, which organised this beautiful love spreading and us – Temaydark and Katre.

press this to see it  and – Share warmness


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