Thank you!

I have to say thank you to all of you who were reading my blog posts and thoughts. And I am really happy that I could have shared everything that I thought. Today I am here to tell you good-bye, as there will no longer be “TemayDark_Blogs”. They will exist and I won’t delete any of these things I wrote thorough this journey, but I am happily announcing that I am taking my place in other page called “MMINAUDIÈRE” where I will have my Lifestyle section in which I will continue writing not only alone, but also with my sister. We decided it would be nice to have our sistery blog. Which would unite different people, since we are different ourselfs as sisters. Also I will write about Style/Fashion and this section will change my “TDtagFashion” blog. It will be better to find it in one place all together. And find something new, since we will write about art and health too. I hope you will not stop to follow me, and keep up with my work in :

So I say BYE until we meet again.

It’s not the end, It’s just a new history….

-MMINAUDIÈRE (Temaydark)


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